The Lake View Munnar Resort

Are you looking for inclusive Premium resorts in Munnar?? The Lake View Resort Munnar One of the most sought out resorts in Munnar with a great ambiance and service and It is a valley of dreams covered with mist clouds. To be close to mother nature. You can't even blink your eyes when you see nature's beauty

Elegant, exclusive and in its essence a state of mind, the Lake View resort in munnar is an exquisite resort located in Munnar, a largely mountainous place in Kerala, a state in the south of India. Situated beneath an enormous canopy of a lush tropical rainforest, journey into nature's wonderland - in the company of spirit of nature that inhabit the dense Lake View Munnar. You will be seduced by the promise of discovery, bliss and exaltation - body, mind and soul.

Location :-

Munnar Sengulam P O, Anachal, Kerala 685565

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